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About Us
SR “Cvetković” - Mustapić
Adresa: Mustapić, 12254 Rabrovo
Tel/Fax: 012/886-222
Telefon: 012/886-170
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About Us - Short History

IMT 5136 before and after repair

Independent Machine Workshop "Cvetkovic" is a specialized sevice workshop for maintenance, repair and overhauling of tractors and enigenes from IMR and IMT production programme. It also deals with repair of the tractors of other prducers such as: Zetor, Ursus, Universal and others. Each tractor and engine could be started owing to a well educated stuff, the latest technology and precise machines. All other problems with engines could be also solved.
In 1996. the Independent Machine Workshop "Cvetkovic" was founded with its head office in Mustapic (community Kucevo, route Pozarevac Majdanpek.)
In 2001. IMW "Cvetkovic" began to work. Initial activity was maintenance and repair of motor vehicles.
In 2002. The additional activity was the production and installation of hydraulic hoses of high, medium and low pressure, air pipes and fuel pipes for all kinds of motor vehicles.

Zetor 5011 before and after repair
In 2003. IMW "Cvetkovic" became an authorised service center for Motor Industry Rakovica
Guarantee of quality is their motto. Original spare parts of well known prducers are installed: Rakovica Motor Industry, Belgrade industry of Machines and Tractors, Petar Drapsin Mladenovac, Bearing Industry Kotor, Prvi Partizan Uzice, Precise Mechanics Belgrade, etc.
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